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our fees and terms


We always aim to offer you a lesson date and time that suits you best. Lessons are dependent on teacher availability, location, and any traffic/public transport considerations. Once a mutually convenient time is agreed, this forms part of a teacher’s set timetable, and the time is yours. As our teachers travel to you, please allow us a 10 minute margin due to unpredictable transport conditions.

We will contact you if running more than 10 minutes late. Because we are not studio-based, please bear in mind that availability is entirely dependent on our teachers and other students in the area wanting lessons the same day, and there being a good time progression. We usually have to move around other families to include you in the timetable. This is quite possible, but may take a few days to arrange.

Lessons start from £40 + VAT, however we will not travel to a single house for less than 45 minutes.

In order for lessons to go ahead, we need a signed copy of our Terms and Conditions which will be sent to you before lessons start.